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Click or tap on "New Row" to add your name. Please put your FULL NAME, no nicknames or callsigns please. Preregistrations close by 8am on the game day. If you miss this cutoff time, you can still register at the game as long as you are there on time.

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Jono Kirkby
Brook Ngatai
Shaun du Plessis
Tai Fennell
Jeremy Rothery
Cam Scott
Neil Smith
Josh Sheed
Harrison Martin-Wall
garry platino
Jacob Anderson
Nathan Hodge
Thomas Hodge
Samuel Hodge
Matthew Hodge
John bell
Jt bell
Michael Grey
Kane Hickin
Euan Pratt
jacob enright
nick enright
boston enright
Isaac Burton
Jacob Burton
Nathanial campbell
Vivian Neilson
Ben stone
Aaron Kirkby
Samuel Topping
Adrian Edser
Mark Christiansen
Connor Wisnewski-smith
Jonno Robinson
geoffery eason
Mitch Pearce
Nathan Roy
Caleb mclean

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